Withdrawing from Old Contracts

At DMEX we are continually working on improving the exchange and the user experience, therefore, periodically we are updating our contracts to allow this improvements.

When the contracts are updated, the balances will show up as Zero in the exchange header.

In order to withdraw funds form an old contract, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Menu > Smart Contracts

  2. In the first dropdown (Base Contract) select one of the previous contracts (the second one in most cases)

  3. Go back to the exchange, you should now see the balance on your old contract.

  4. Withdraw funds form the old contract using the standard Withdraw flow.

  5. Switch back to the latest contract (using steps 1, 2, 3) and deposit funds to the new contract.

If you have open positions on the old contract, you can leave them open. When you decide to close them simply use the close button in the positions list. Note: When you close a position on the old contract the collateral and profit/loss will be credited to the old contract so it will not show up in the balance of the new contract. Use the steps above to retrieve the unlocked funds from the old contract.

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