In this section we give detailed information about each asset traded on DMEX. Below you will find some definitions in order to understand the information better.

The main parameters in an asset are the Price URL and the Price Path.

When trading BTC (Bitcoin) the MARK PRICE is taken from the Price URL https://www.bitstamp.net/api/v2/ticker/btcusd/ which returns a JSON string with the latest ticker information for Bitcoin on Bitstamp.

The response looks as follows:

    "high": "7495.00", 
    "last": "7425.29", // this is the last traded price on Bitstamp
    "timestamp": "1578223348", 
    "bid": "7425.29", 
    "vwap": "7358.33", 
    "volume": "3386.74324367", 
    "low": "7256.03", 
    "ask": "7429.67", 
    "open": "7356.05"

The last traded price on Bitstamp is represented by the last JSON parameter. Therefore when the Oracle is requested to provide the MARK PRICE for Bitcoin, it will request the JSON from the Price URL and take the value under the "last" parameter (Price Path).

Since assets can have different numbers of decimals in the price, the asset also specifies the decimals value. In this case 2.

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