23 May 2024

  • Funding cost is now charged once an hour

26 April 2024

  • Liquidations removed. When a position reaches the liquidation price, it is auto market closed, remaining collateral is returned to the user's balance.

24 April 2024

  • JUP (JUPITER) added as a tradeable asset

23 April 2024

  • TON (TONCOIN) added as a tradeable asset

18 April 2024

  • WIF added as a tradeable asset

15 April 2024

  • PEPE added as a tradeable asset

9 April 2024

  • Added SOL [SOLANA] as margin currency

20 March 2024

  • Added BNB, BUSD, USDC on Binance Smart Chain [BSC] as margin currencies

18 March 2024

  • Added 1 second chart resolution

4 March 2024

  • Unrealized profit is now counted towards available cross margin

  • USDT TRC20 (TRON) now accepted as margin

20 February 2024

  • Added cross margin

  • Increased default risk limit to 500k

14 February 2024

  • Avalanche AVAX, USDT and USDC added as margin currencies

12 February 2024

  • Polygon MATIC, USDT, USDC and WBTC added as margin currencies

9 February 2024

  • Ethereum USDT, USDC and WBTC added as margin currencies

29 January 2024

  • New frontend interface

  • New backend

  • 1 confirmation deposits (new bridge)

  • faster matching engine

  • new demo trading engine

  • overall speed improvements

  • ux improvements

18 May 2023

  • Moved DEMO version to Goerli Testnet

13 July 2022

  • General stability improvements

  • Improved trade execution time

  • Increased general throughput to accommodate for high demand periods

1 February, 2021

  • UI freezing bug fix and interface optimizations

25 January, 2021

  • Minimum order value reduced to 10 USD

18 January, 2021

  • Trade processing moved to xDAI sidechain

  • Risk Limits added

  • Global MM Multiplier added

  • Funding period no longer position entry block dependent

25 March, 2020

  • Bitcoin added as Margin Currency through decentralized stack. Details here.

20 Feb, 2020

  • DMEX Token contract updated

  • DMEX Token set as feeAccount in the contract (token is now fully integrated)

13 Feb, 2020

Major contracts update with the following changes:

  • [Bug Fix] When trying to open a position using your full balance the order would sometimes not fill and get cancelled

  • [Bug Fix] Allow 1x leverage

  • [New] Allow for flexible leverage levels (eg. 3.5x)

  • [New] Allow for margin update on an open positions (add margin)

  • [New] Allow for token integration into the DMEX contract

  • [New] Withdrawal fee for non-ETH collateral currencies will be paid in collateral currency (not ETH as was the case, where you had to deposit ETH to DMEX in order to withdraw DAI)

  • [New] Funding cost charged every 8 hours (approx.). If you keep the position open for less than 8 hours, no funding cost is paid. If the position is open for 10 hours, only 8 hours of funding cost will be charged.

3 Feb, 2020

  • [Bug Fix] User order indicator not showing up properly in the order book for limit orders

29 Jan, 2020

  • [Bug Fix] Pending deposits/withdrawals getting stuck in the UI

27 Jan, 2020

  • Minimum order value based on leverage introduced:

22 Jan, 2020

19 Jan, 2020

  • DAI returned as margin currency

13 Jan, 2020

  • Minimum order value set to 100 USD (this is the price * amount, not the margin/collateral)

  • removed the first step in trading fees (0-150$), 100-500$ remains instead

  • brought back perpetual contracts with increased funding rate (use expiring contracts for lower funding rates)

  • added 90D expiration term option

Dec 29, 2019

  • Step-by-step interactive tour for new users added

Dec 22, 2019

  • Market Order added

Nov 29, 2019

  • Funding rates reduced

Nov 11, 2019

  • Trading fees updated

Nov 8, 2019

  • Referral program launched

Nov 4, 2019

  • Flexible trading fees This will allow the offering of trading fee discounts for bigger orders and the ability to charge higher fees for small orders (to better cover the gas fees).

Nov 1, 2019

  • Token collateral functionality added

Oct 24, 2019

  • Stop-Limit Orders

Oct 15, 2019

  • Perpetual contracts

    Perpetual (never expiring) contracts are now available on all assets. This means you can open a position and keep it open indefinitely. It will not close until you decide to close it.

  • New Leverage levels: 1x and 2x

    With 1x leverage you can trade assets as you would on a spot exchange, the only difference being that you can only withdraw ETH, so if you buy BTC or other assets you cannot withdraw them, you can only earn the profit on the position in ETH.

Oct 12, 2019

  • Deployed an updated contract that solves a minor issue in the logic that prevented expired positions from closing properly.

Oct 10, 2019

  • Position expiration bug fix. We have fixed an annoying bug that would throw an error when closing some expired positions and prevent them from closing.

  • Longer expiration terms for highly leveraged contracts. Now, up to 30D expirations available on all leverages.

  • Perpetual contracts are now available. Perpetual contracts are futures contracts without an expiration date. Positions on perpetual contracts do not expire and can only be closed through the order book.

  • Fee Credit implementation is now possible. The new contracts allow dynamic reduction of trading fees for users with Fee Credit on their account.

  • Funding Cost is no longer reserved in the margin. Funding costs for the life of the contract will no longer be reserved during position opening. Instead, the liquidation price will be adjusted during the time the position is open to take into account the accumulating funding cost. This allows us to offer long term and perpetual futures contracts for high leverage positions.

  • Taker fee will be charged to close an expired position. When a position is expiring the trader will be charged the taker fee for the closure of the position to cover the gas and oracle costs.

Sep 16, 2019

  • Funding cost bug fixed. Solved a small bug that deducted the wrong amount of funding cost on position closure.

Sep 12, 2019

  • Email and Password login added to DMEX (private keys are sent to DMEX encrypted, DMEX cannot read the private keys)

Sep 3, 2019

  • Profit cap removed. Positions can now make unlimited profit.

  • Liquidity pools added

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