Trading Fees

Trading Fee: 0.050% maker / 0.075% taker

Expiration Fee ***: 0.075%

Minimum order value: 10 USD

* The maker is the trader that adds order to the order book. When you create a limit order, and it is not instantly executed - you are the maker.

** The taker is the person that takes an order from the order book. When placing a MARKET order or a LIMIT order that executes instantly - you are the taker.

*** Expiration Fee is charged when the contract expires and the position is settled by the Oracle. Perpetual contracts do not expire.

To avoid paying the Expiration Fee, close your position through the order book before it expires.

Increasing Margin

DMEX allows traders to increase the margin on an open position. The cost of increasing the margin is 0.10% of the total position value (size x entry price) + the gas fee necessary to cover the transaction cost.

Funding Rates

Funding rates are presented for an 8 hour period. The Funding rate remains unchanged for the whole life of the position. The current funding rate is dynamic and displayed during the order creation. The funding rate is paid every 8 hours from the margin (Funding Blocks count starts from the latest funding period commencement)

The funding cost is paid when the position is closed or expires. The funding cost is calculated based on the number of blocks the position was opened for.

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