Force Release Collateral

This is an escape hatch that allows the user to release reserves from an open position in case the futures contract was not settled properly after expiration. We will automatically release the funds for the user if no settlement happens, therefore this method should only be used if DMEX website or backend servers are not working properly.

Only use this function if the DMEX website is down or not functioning properly. Otherwise withdraw your funds through the website.

You can force release reserves only on futures contracts that have expired and were not settled within 500 blocks (approx. 2 hours)

  1. Find the DMEX Trading contract (click here for instructions)

  2. Open the Trading Contract on Etherscan

  3. Go to the Contract Tab

  4. Go to the Write Contract Tab

  5. Click on Connect to Web3 (you will need to have your wallet imported in MetaMask)

  6. Scroll down to the forceReleaseReserve function

  7. Enter the futures contract hash in the first field

  8. Enter the position side in the second field (0 - short, 1 - long)

  9. Enter your wallet address in the third field

  10. Press Write and confirm the transaction in MetaMask

  11. Wait for the transaction to confirm on the blockchain and you will see the reserved balance become available.

If the DMEX website is down or not functioning properly use this method to withdraw your funds manually.

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