This is a short roadmap of the main things that are planned for the project. This roadmap will change as market demand will determine the necessary features and developments. We are constantly working on small improvements and bug fixes, those you can see in the Changelog. This roadmap represents a general long-term vision for the project and not a detailed task list.

Q1 2020

  • Token deployment and listing on EtherMium
  • Contract Update
    • Allow margin adjustment in an open position
    • Custom leverage selection (eg. 3.21x)

Q2 2020

  • DMEX Token integration into the DMEX contract (will enable the full functionality of the token, estimated date 2nd of April) - DONE 20 Feb, 2020
  • Bitcoin as margin currency integration

Q1 2021

  • Moving trade processing to a sidechain

If you would like to see features added to the roadmap, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to review any suggestions.
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